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Plastic Card Amendment Form

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Card Details

Cards terms / Applicant Declaration

I /We acknowledge that the card/service provided may only be used subject to the Terms and Conditions of the appropriate service agreement and I/We have read and understood the Bank's terms and conditions for Credit Card and agrees to be bound by them.

Terms and Conditions


 Account: A credit/charge Card Account held with the Bank by the Cardholder from which the Cardholder authorises payments to be made against all Charges incurred through the Card.

Deposit: The amount in cash (if any) placed with us as Security for the performance of your obligations relating to your Card Account.

Minimum Payment: The amount specified in the Statement of Account, as the amount that you are required to pay on or before the Payment Due Date, in order to keep the Card active.

Payment Due Date: The date specified in the Statement of Account, by which date you must pay the present balance or any part thereof or the minimum payment.

Present Balance / Outstanding Balance: The total debit balance (inclusive of all Charges and fees which shall be debited to the Card Account) outstanding on the Card Account, payable to us in accordance with our records on the date the Statement of Accounts issued.

 2)      The Card:

a)       The Card remains the property of the Bank and you must return it to us immediately upon request.

b)      Subject to the right of the Bank, in its absolute discretion and without prior notice, the Bank may withdraw the right to use the Card temporarily or permanently, or refuse any request for authorisation of any particular Card Charges.

c)       The Bank will not guarantee goods or services purchased on the Card or involve itself in disputes between the Cardholders insurance companies or any other third party.

d)       Where the Card is delivered to you by courier it is at the Cardholders risk and the Card will only be handed over to the Cardholder or authorised representative upon receipt of the Cardholder’s prior written instructions and at the risk of the Cardholder.

e)       The Card must be signed by the Cardholder immediately on receipt and may only be used:-

i)     by the designated Cardholder whose name appears on the face of the Card;

ii)     subject to the current terms of this agreement at the time of use;

iii)    within the credit limit as advised to the Cardholder by the Bank from time to time; and

iv)    during the validity period embossed on the Card.

f)        As the Cardholder you must keep the PIN secret and must not let anyone else know or use the PIN.

g)       We shall set the limit and shall notify you of it. We may change the limit at any time and notify you of any changes. You are not allowed to exceed the limit without our prior approval. Should you exceed your limit the Bank has the right to charge a fee.

h)      Any Card Transaction originated in a currency other than your Card Currency will be converted to your Card Currency at a rate of exchange determined by VISA. Such transactions will also be subject to a currency conversion fee as determined by the Bank.

i)        You must not use your Card for any unlawful purpose, including the purchase of goods or services  prohibited by Islamic Shari’ah or any applicable laws wherever the Card is used. The Bank has the right to refuse transactions from Merchants deemed prohibited by Islamic Shari’ah.

j)        If you are required to use the PIN in conjunction with the Card when effecting a Card Transaction at a Merchant or ATM, our record of any Card Transaction effected in conjunction with a PIN shall be conclusively binding on you.

k)      To activate the Card you must call us on +974 8008555.

l)        You shall ensure that any Supplementary Cardholder takes the steps outlined above in relation to any Card issued to them.

3)      Cash Advances:

a)       You may obtain Cash Advances using the Card in such amounts as may be determined by us from time to time by the following means:

i)  by presenting the Card at any branch of the Bank or any branch of a member institution of VISA  International which offers such facility, together with internationally recognised evidence of  identity, and by signing the appropriate Card Transaction record; or

ii)  by using the Card on any of the Bank ATM’s or that of any other bank or institution with whom we have an agreement for the use of the ATM of the said bank or institution, in which case the amount of each advance will be further subject to the applicable daily withdrawal limit of the ATM used.

b)      Any transfer of funds from your Card to the Bank transaction account (current, investment savings account, investment time deposit account) will be treated as a Cash Advance and will incur normal Cash Advance fees.

c)       You shall pay a Cash Advance fee for each Cash Advance you get using the Card. We may from time to time vary the amount of the Cash Advance fee.


4)      Payment: 

a)       The Cardholder will pay the Bank the amount of all Card Charges and any loss incurred by the Bank arising from the use of the Card or which the Bank determines it has suffered as a result of any breach of this agreement by the Cardholder.

b)      The principal Cardholder is and shall remain at all times liable for all Charges incurred on his/her Card and any Supplementary Card(s).

c)       The Bank reserves the right to demand from the principal and Supplementary Cardholders, severally or jointly to settle all Charges incurred through the use of each and every Supplementary Card.

d)      We shall make available to you online/physically a Statement of Account for the Card Account. Non- receipt of the Statement of Account and/or inability to view the Card statements online shall not be construed to be sufficient reason for non-payment of amounts due to us.

e)       The Cardholder must verify all Charges shown on the Cardholder statement by checking these against receipts and report any discrepancy within fifteen (15) calendar days from the statement date. The Bank will not accept any responsibility for Charges disputed after such time.

f)        You agree to pay to us the total amount of all Charges and fees appearing in the Statement of Account as the present balance, not later than the Payment Due Date.

g)       If you do not settle the outstanding/minimum payment by the Payment Due Date, and it remains unsettled at the date of issue of the next Statement of Account, the unpaid amount will be added to the next Statement of Account’s minimum payment and is due immediately.

h)      You are not allowed to make Card Transactions that exceed the current limit without prior approval from us. You shall immediately upon demand by us, pay the full amount by which the limit has been exceeded and the minimum payment then due. If you fail to make such payment in full, we may cancel the Card immediately without prior notice to you, and the whole outstanding balance on the Card Account shall become immediately due and payable.

i)        Any arrears and any Card Transaction made in breach of these terms and conditions shall become immediately payable to you.

j)        All payments you make shall be applied in the following order of payment (or such other order as we may think fit):

i)    all unpaid fees, Cash Advances, Charges and other costs shown on any previous Statement of Account;

ii)   all unpaid fees, Cash Advances, Charges and other costs shown on the current Statement of Account;

iii)  all unpaid Card Transactions (excluding Cash Advances) shown on any previous Statement of Account.

iv)  all unpaid Card Transactions (excluding Cash Advances) shown on the current Statement of Account; and

v)   all Cash Advances and other Card Transactions not yet shown on the current Statement of Account.

k)      We may charge fees for any returned unpaid cheques drawn by you/failed standing order in full or partial payment of the outstanding balance, and this shall not affect any of the other legal remedies available to us.

l)        You shall make all payments in the Card Currency. If you make payments in any other currency, you shall pay to us all exchange, commission and other Charges or losses we may incur in converting such payments to the Card Currency. Such conversion shall be effected at the prevailing bank rate on the date of exchange, which we may conclusively determine at the date of entry into the Card Account. Any payment you make in the Card Currency will be credited to the Card Account only on the date on which we receive the required funds for value in our books. Whenever a payment is received in any other currency, such a payment shall be credited after the date when the payment is converted to the Card Currency, or when the relevant funds have been received for value by us in Qatar and credited to the Card Account.

m)    You shall pay additional Charges in the amounts, which we may prescribe immediately upon request, for the provision of copies of sales/cash advance receipts, Statements of Account, which you may request, and any further service we may provide from time to time.

n)      If you dispute a Card Transaction and it is subsequently proven to have been originated by you, we will charge back the original amount of the Card Transaction when it took place and any other fee related/cost incurred due to this.

o)      Our acceptance of late or partial payment, cheques or money orders shall not prevent us from enforcing our rights to collect the full amount due from you, or constitute an amendment to these Terms and Conditions.

p)      You agree that if any sum shall be due from you to us at any time under the Card Account, or if you shall be liable to us on any banking account or any other account, current or otherwise, in any manner or if you are in default in the provisions of such accounts or in any other banking facilities granted by us to you, the whole outstanding balance on your account shall become immediately due and payable and we may debit any account maintained by you with us to recover such outstanding.

q)      Any cheque deposit shall be acceptable for collection and the proceeds shall not be available, until the cheque has been cleared and the proceeds paid to us by the paying bank. Any cash deposit may only be regarded as having been received by us upon our receipt or crediting the same to the Card Account. Any fees and Charges related to cash deposits or cheque collection / clearance will be borne by you.

r)       We may at any time demand that you deposit and/or pledge cash collateral in our favour for a specified amount not exceeding the Card Limit, even if such a cheque or cash collateral were not demanded when the Card was issued. If we make such a demand, you shall be treated as having authorised us to insert the date on the cheque and present it for payment on the inserted date against any amount due to us. In case the deposited cheque exceeds the outstanding amount and it is cashed, the surplus amount will be refunded to you.

s)       If you choose to settle by way of direct debit, the percentage of the total amount due specified by you when applying for the Card will be debited to your bank account on or immediately after the Payment Due Date. Where a sufficient credit balance is not maintained, we may cancel the Card and charge any relevant fee.

t)        You may choose to effect payment from your account with us via Call Centre. We shall not be liable for any loss or delay caused by the use of Call Centre.

u)      You may not transfer funds from one Card Account to another in settlement of the debit balance of one Card Account, except with our prior approval.

v)       We will credit the Card Account with the amount of any refund only upon receipt of a properly issued credit voucher from the member establishment.

w)     Our records of any Card Transaction or otherwise relating to your Card Account shall constitute evidence of the transaction and we may use any such information as evidence in court.


5)      Fees and Charges :

a)       The Bank may apply a joining fee when the Card is first issued as well as a renewal fee when the Card is renewed annually.

b)      If the Card is replaced due to loss or theft, a replacement charge will be posted to the Card Account.

c)       A re-issue fee maybe charged to the Card Account if the Card is re issued due to the need to reissue the PIN or if the Card is damaged.

d)      A renewal fee will be charged to the Card Account even if the Card has been cancelled, with no intention to be renewed, as a result of late a payment meaning there is still an outstanding balance at the expiry date of the Card.

e)       Any expenses or fees incurred for the recovery of unpaid payment requests will be charged to the account of the Cardholder.

f)        Any Cardholder who is advised to pay and fails to do so within the period prescribed by the Bank shall suffer the withdrawal of his/her principal and Supplementary Cards.


6)      Supplementary Cardholder :

a)       We may issue a Supplementary Card to an individual nominated by you who is minimum eighteen (18) years of age, a member of your immediate family and approved by us. This shall be subject to the Supplementary Cardholder signing the relevant application form and Terms and Conditions, as we may deem necessary.

b)      These Terms and Conditions shall apply to the Supplementary Cardholder.  Every Supplementary Cardholder shall be jointly and severally liable with you for all Charges and all Card Transactions generated by the use of the primary Cardholder as well as the Supplementary Card. We may commence an action or proceedings against you or the Supplementary Cardholder or both of you.

c)       The validity of the Supplementary Card is dependent on the validity of the primary Card. The termination of the Supplementary Card for whatever reason shall not terminate the primary Card or your agreement with us for your Card.

d)      Your and the Supplementary Cardholder’s undertakings, liabilities and obligations to us and our rights shall not be affected in any way by any dispute, counterclaim or right of set-off, which you and the Supplementary Cardholder may have against each other.

e)       You agree to pay to us the amount of any loss, liability, costs and expenses, which we may suffer as a result of any legal disability, or incapacity of the Supplementary Cardholder or any breach of these Terms and Conditions by the Supplementary Cardholder.

f)        Supplementary Card Limit is included in the primary Card Limit and primary Cardholder is responsible with Supplementary Cardholder for settlement for the entire spend on both the Cards.


7)      Card and PIN loss :

a)       If the Card is lost or stolen or the PIN is disclosed to any person, you shall immediately notify us on +974-8008555 or +974 44100888 (if calling internationally) and the Police of the country where such loss or theft or disclosure occurred. Such notification shall be followed by signed written confirmation or email through Internet banking within 48 hours of receipt of notice. Until receipt of such confirmation, you will be liable for all Card Transactions. You also undertake to ensure all necessary steps to assist us in recovering the missing Card.

b)      You shall be and remain fully liable to pay to us any debit to the Card Account arising from any Card Transactions by any person, whether with or without your knowledge and irrespective of whether they were authorised by you or not.

c)       We may issue a replacement for any lost or stolen Card subject to these or such other Terms and Conditions as we may consider appropriate and at a fee determined by us from time to time.

d)      If you recover the lost or stolen Card, you must immediately cut it in half and return it to us without using it.

e)       As the Cardholder you will exercise all possible care to ensure the safety of the Card and will prevent the PIN becoming known to any other person. The confirmation of the PIN must therefore be destroyed immediately after receipt. Any record of the PIN must be unidentifiable as such and kept entirely separate from the Card. The Cardholder will not disclose the Card number (embossed on the Card) to any third party. The Bank will not be liable for ATM failure or malfunction and whether or not it affects the ability of the Customer to use the Card.  

f)        You may not use the PIN after notifying us of its disclosure to any person.


8)      Termination:

a)       You may at any time notify us of your intention to close the Card Account and terminate the use of all Cards issued to you and to any Supplementary Cardholder, by giving us notice in writing and returning to us all such Cards cut in half. The Card Account shall be closed only after you have paid in full all Charges and amounts due under the Card Account and a period of not less than forty-five (45)  calendar days has transpired from the date the Card was returned to the Bank.

b)      All amounts outstanding on a Card Account, together with the amount incurred by the use of the Card, but not yet charged to the Card Account, shall be payable immediately in full upon termination of the use of the Card.

c)       If a Supplementary Cardholder terminates the use of the Supplementary Card, you and the Supplementary Cardholder shall be and shall continue to be jointly and severally liable to us for all Charges and other amounts due under these Terms and Conditions, except that the Supplementary Cardholder whose Card has terminated shall not be liable for Charges and other liabilities incurred by you, and any other Supplementary Cardholder (if any) after our receipt of the terminated Supplementary Card cut in half.

d)      We may at any time and without prior notice recall the Card and terminate or suspend your right to use it. You shall immediately after such recall return to us the Card cut in half and pay in full all Charges and amounts due on your Card Account.

e)       We shall terminate the use of the Card without notice upon your death, bankruptcy or insolvency or in any situation that the Bank deems appropriate. The Bank reserves the right to recover any outstanding amount from their heirs or attorneys.

f)        You shall be responsible for setting off outstanding balances on the Card Account, and shall pay us all expenses and costs that we may incur in recovering such balances.

g)       We shall not be liable to refund the joining fee, monthly fee, annual fee or any other applicable fee or any part of such fee on the termination of the Card Account.

h)      Upon cancellation of the use of the Card, any Security held by us shall be held for a period of a maximum of sixty (60) calendar days following the cancellation and/or return of the Card, whether cancelled by you or us.


9)      Exclusion of Liability :

a)       We shall not be liable for any loss or damage howsoever incurred or suffered by you by reason of us or a Merchant or any bank or financial institution or any ATM or other party refusing to allow a Card Transaction, or accept the Card or the Card number or the PIN or to extend or provide a Cash Advance up to the credit limit or at all.

b)      We shall not be responsible for the refusal by any Merchant or member institution of VISA International to honour or accept the Card or for any defect or deficiency in the goods or services supplied to you by any Merchant or, where applicable, for any breach or non performance by a Merchant of a Card Transaction.

c)       If there is a dispute between you and us, a Merchant, a bank or financial institution or any other person,  your liability to us shall not in any way be affected by such dispute or any counterclaim or right of set-off  which you may have against us, such Merchant, or other bank or financial institution or person.

d)      We shall not be liable for any disputes brought to our notice by you after thirty (30) calendar days from the date of the relevant Statement of Account.

e)       We shall not be liable in any way to you for any loss or damage of whatever nature, due to or arising from any disruption or failure or defect in any ATM or machine or terminal or communication system or facilities or data processing system or transmission link or any industrial or other dispute or anything or cause, whether beyond our control or otherwise.


10)   Disclosure of Information:

a)       You irrevocably authorise and permit us to disclose and furnish such information that we deem fit  concerning you and your affairs including but not limited to the Card Account to our associates,  branches, assignees, agents, or other parties.

b)      We may check your credit standing at any times as and when we deem fit without reference to you.


11)   Notices :

a)       You must promptly notify us in writing of any changes in your name, employment or business and address (email and/or office or residential).

b)      Should you be away from the State of Qatar for more than a month, you must settle the Credit Card Account in full seven (7)  calendar days prior to departure.

c)       If you leave the State of Qatar to take up residence elsewhere, the Card (including any Supplementary  Card) must be returned to us cut in half forty-five (45) calendar  days prior to your departure and its/their use shall be deemed to be terminated.

d)      All demands, notices and other communications sent under these terms and conditions to you and any Supplementary Cardholder shall be deemed to have been sent to both.

e)       Instructions sent to us from you by facsimile transmission or through the Bank net shall be considered valid and binding on you and we may act upon instructions received by those means.

f)        All communications, Cards, notices, Statements of Account, demands or other documents under these Terms and Conditions may be delivered personally to you or sent by post or email to the last known  address which you notified us at your sole risk. Each such communication or other material shall be deemed to have been received and served on you on the day of delivery, if delivered personally or via email and two Business Days after posting, if sent by post.


12)   General Conditions relating to Charge and Credit Cards:

a)       You undertake to pay to us the amount of any loss or damage which our directors, officers and employees, or we may suffer by reason of these Terms and Conditions or by breach of them by you, or arising in any way in connection with your Card Account. If caused by your negligence we may debit all such amounts to your Card Account.

b)      In addition to any other right we may have either under these Terms and Conditions or in law, we may at any time and without notice consolidate and combine all accounts which you hold with us, either individually or jointly or with a Supplementary Cardholder, and set-off and transfer any sums held in any such account in satisfaction of any other sums due to us. We may do so wherever such accounts are situated and in whatever currency they are situated at our then prevailing exchange rates.

c)       We may from time to time with notice to you change these Terms and Conditions. The retention or use by you of the Card shall be treated as acceptance of any such change. If you do not accept any change, you may close the Card Account and clauses relating to termination of these Terms and Conditions shall apply.

d)      We shall have no liability to you in respect of any facilities or benefits which we may make available to you, which do not form part of these Terms and Conditions. We may withdraw such facilities and benefits at any time without notice.

e)       The benefits offered with the  Bank credit Cards are provided purely at the discretion of the Bank. The Bank takes no responsibility for any liabilities incurred by the Customer on account of these or any other benefits/services provided with the  Bank credit Cards.

f)        Pricing is subject to the Bank’s discretion and can be changed at any time without prior notice.


13)   Clauses Specific to Credit Cards :

a)       The Bank approves the Credit Card Limit (In compliance with Bank’s policy and Qatar Central Bank’s regulations) based on the Islamic concept of Qard Al Hasan” and “Ujrah”.

b)      You agree to pay to us a non-refundable monthly fee in the amount we may prescribe, and any other fee levied by the Bank. You shall also, at our request, pay us a handling fee for the issue of a replacement Card. The Bank at its own discretion may waive monthly fees if the customer has settled the outstanding balance in full.

c)       The Bank reserves the right to charge you fees on any late payments you make, and we will channel a portion of the late fee amounts collected from you to the charity fund maintained by the Bank.

d)      We may at our discretion vary the method of calculation of the monthly fees, handling charges,  additional charges or any other charges, due to any changes in extrinsic and intrinsic cost/fee structure  as well as the period of time within which these fees and charges are payable. None of the fees payable to us under these terms and conditions are refundable.